Kim Landry

Maybe it’s because you can see that she’s honest to a fault, or that you find her unabashed enthusiasm contagious, or it’s just too fun to go house shopping in her ‘66 Shelby Hertz – whatever the reason, chances are you’ll tell your friends that Realtor Kim Landry is not your typical agent. And when you do, she’ll consider her service a job well-done.

An agent since 2005, Kim has an extensive understanding of the real estate market, and knows how to ride its waves with grace. Clients often comment that to work with her is to work with a trusted friend, one who is sensitive to your needs, timeline, budget, and budget. Kim works hard to leverage her background in marketing, real estate investing, and film and television to ensure that you get the best home buying and selling experience.
She’s also proven herself to be up for any challenge, both professionally and personally. She and husband Creative Resolve Broker John, who is also an architect and general contractor, are very active in the triathlon community and are accomplished Ironman finishers as well. They lovingly call themselves IronAgents.
“What better than to contact a team of IronAgents, who can go the distance for each and every client. No challenge is too great as we’ve put ourselves to the test, and have proven to come out on top.”
Passionate about the athletic community, and wanting to meet the specific needs of this trathletes, health and wellness minded home buyers, and anyone with specific lifestyle needs, John and Kim created The Athlete’s Home, a specialty home builder that designs and builds homes to fit the lifestyle of an athlete or anyone searching for the ideal home and location.