Important Things To Consider Before Building A Pain Cave

If you are a triathlete or cyclist, you may be familiar with the term pain cave. A recent company by the name has branded itself around this term, but really you don’t need to buy their products to have one of your own. According to the urban dictionary, a pain cave is a grueling physical workout intended to make you a better athlete. Usually done at home or the gym, and we call that place the “pain cave.”As in, “If I want to get faster on the bike, I’ve gotta do my workout, so I am headed to the pain cave.”
You don’t need any particular one product to produce this effect, but you do need the right ingredients. Here it is.
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Starting with perhaps the most tricky part you’ll want:
1. Great ventilation – because while yes, we are actually going after pain, but we aren’t going after suffocation. And not to mention, if more than one person is going to use the cave, you don’t want to smell the last person’s sweaty stink. So be sure your pain cave is a spot that has good… no, excellent ventilation.
On that note, you’ll also want:
2. Smooth surfaces – because sweat wipes off them well. Stay away from carpet or rugs or anything you can’t wipe down.
And then we’re on to the gadgets. Be sure to install:
3. A television feed, internet, and a stereo – because we guarantee that you won’t use it otherwise. While there’s no need to purchase an expensive road bike training video (although those are great), you must, and I repeat, must be entertained while training. We want you to use it afterall.
Now here’s the good news.
4. Size does not matter – because we’ve really already covered the basics here. You need a) a bike trainer (ours is an indoor computerized bicycle trainer that increases and decreases load so they can train conveniently at home) and b) great entertainment, and therefore c) you don’t need a ton of space. In fact, if you have kids like we don’t, maybe you’re better off finding a out-of-sight, out-of-mind small crevice in the house. We built ours in the garage (yes, with heat and air conditioning), and it’s the size of a closet.
Plus don’t forget to build:
5. Shelf – because you’ll need a bit of space to place your other gadgets on (think tablet, phone, Kindle, etc.), and you’ll want a spot for your favorite beverage.

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