Earll Drive – The Story Behind the First Athlete’s Home

We were in search of a home that suited our whole life – not just one that met our basic eat, sleep, bond needs, but our wish to have a full family life and a full athletic life simultaneously. And we didn’t want to leave Arcadia either. We’ve grown to rely on it’s many amenities and we’ve grown to love our friends and neighbors. I guess you can say the first Athlete’s Home was a case of necessity being the mother of invention because we took our existing home down to the slab to start from the beginning, and built a new home catered to our athletic lifestyle.
Today the finished product is incredible. The home includes 2900 square-feet of good living… our kind of living.
It is bright and airy, and has all the amenities we wanted in a traditional home like a fireplace, open layout, a spacious kitchen, a pool, and more. But we also wanted to address the issues that come with being who we are, among which is triathletes.
The first issue we addressed in the new home was car and bike storage, and room for a bike shop. The garage in the new home now has a four-post, 9,000-pound car lift, pulleys to store the bikes, and a fully equipped bike repair shop – and believe me, we use it often. We later learned an extra perk of having the Mustang on the lift – the kids can’t scratch the car.
Phoenix & Scottsdale Real Estate Photographer
Both Ironman competitors, we run, swim, and bike frequently but since we have two sons, making it all happen during day-to-day life is hard, so we built a  fully-equipped bike pain cave in the garage, and we made sure it had everything we needed –  air conditioning, television, internet, and an indoor computerized bicycle trainer that increases and decreases load, all while we train oh-so conveniently at home.
Phoenix & Scottsdale Real Estate Photographer
There’s so much more you need to see and know about this home, and we’re happy to announce that now it’s for sale. Learn more about this stunning Arcadia home here, or learn more about building a home to suit your athletic-minded or specific lifestyle needs here

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